At East Coast Cleaning our fully qualified cleaners remove the grime and dirt from your patio, driveway and decking, removing that slippery leaf mould and organic matter and bringing them back to look like new. 
Garden tables and chairs set out on some decking

The finest possible cleaning 

Pressure washers can be bought and used by yourself, but professional pressure washers always give a far better result. At East Coast Cleaning we're trained in how to use them correctly which ensures the complete removal of all dirt and grime that has gradually built up. 

Let us do the hard work 

Allowing East Coast Cleaning to clean your decking or patio frees up your time and allowing us to do all the hard work, so that you don’t have to. Cleaning your deck correctly is not only hard work, but time consuming. It takes time to learn how to use a hired or borrowed pressure washer, plus you have to pick it up and return it, so it makes sense to use the professionals. 

No damage to decking 

If used in the wrong hands, pressure washers can cause damage to your decking. At East Coast Cleaning we know how to use the equipment so that all soiling is removed, but preserving the integrity of the wood. 

Value for money 

Using East Coast Cleaning to clean your patio or decking is incredibly cost effective. If you are thinking of doing the job yourself, then you need to consider the cost of renting the equipment, protective equipment for yourself and the cost of any products and cleaners required to complete the job. Using a professional company like ourselves in not only cheaper, but safer too. 

 We operate throughout Ryedale, to the Yorkshire coast, as well as into East Yorkshire, covering Malton, Helmsley, Scarborough, Filey, Bridlington, Driffield & Pocklington.  

Contact us now to book our Patio & Decking cleaning service or for a no-commitment free quote 
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